Opening the flood gates

Welcome, this is my first stab at blogging and blah blah blah. I don’t feel like wasting time on meaningless introductions that aren’t going to give you as good of an insight to me as my writing will. I will throw out a disclaimer though: you should not expect perfect grammar, totally complete thoughts or a pg-rated scene. You should expect mistakes, causal apparences of my naive self, brutal honesty and the more than casual swearing.

I am currently sitting in my office aka a coffee shop or any other worldly place I find myself behind the keys of a keyboard. This specific ‘office’ is Coffee Bar, a place I find myself most of the time. I have just polished off a vanilla latte, tried to shazam 4 different songs that have come on, and still have barely done anything that I came here to do. That’s mostly due to my short attention span, texting like 30 people and this beautiful tall drink of water I am calling mystery man.

Mystery Man is an attractive sun of a bitch who caught my eye as soon as I walked in. He has hazel eyes, is rocking maroon pants and resembles a younger less rugged David Beckham. (that’s a thing about me, I’m good remembering and seeing the features of people in a short time span..mostly due to my fear of being kidnapped and hopeful escape.) He also is well groomed with the perfect amount of scruff. Basically I am sitting here literally dying over this guy who probably has not noticed me and my lame attempts of finding excuses to walk by. Either way he is nice to look at whilst I sit here and write this endless stream of consciousness that is always flooding my mind.

And look who it is. Lanie Geyer. She just walked in and sat down a short ways away. This bitch bullied me in middle school because I walked in on her stuffing her bra during 5th period. God she really fell off the wagon in high school and well I wasn’t expecting to see her in my ‘office’– it’s not really her scene. Anyway the bitch left so all is back in equilibrium.

But enough of lustful coffee shop loves and bitches. There are more important things to be talked about. Like why I even decided to write, to at this point myself because my readership is currently zero. It started with a journey to find and love myself. I am on winter holiday from university and am only working part time, so there’s a lot of time for reflection. With so much extra time I wanted to focus on myself. I am the product of a heart broken too many times and subject to self criticisms and hate. I wanted to take time to find a way to love myself for who I am and what I want to be. I figured that one of the ways to accomplish this was to journal, but since my handwriting is shit and my thoughts are better put together on a computer I figured that I would give blogging a go. Also I have a dear friend named Kristopher that does this blogging thing and his writing brings so much joy into my life. If you have the chance you should check his stuff out because he’s truly a writing connoisseur.

Anyway I am sure there is more mindless garbage to come, but for now that is all I have to say.


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