Go the fuck to sleep

So currently it’s 1:31 am PST and I am regrettably awake. I am prone to unusual sleep patterns and not being able to sleep, but typically I would have passed out an hour ago. Honestly this whole not sleeping thing is fucking irritating. I have made my room as dark as possible, cracked the window to let cold air in because I sleep better when it’s cold and have thrown on some mellow music. But here I am wide awake and I am choosing to deal with it by venting to the internet instead of actually trying to sleep.

I have even tried listening to Morgan Freeman read a bedtime story called Go the Fuck to Sleep and that didn’t work. But here it is just incase my 2 readers want to give it a gander. Either way, according to my mother, “Santa is watching” so I’m going to listen to Mr. Freeman and try and fucking sleep.


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