This year for Christmas, my little sister got me a book called Binge by Tyler Oakley per my request. And I have to say that I am head over heels with it. Between unwrapping it at 10 am and then actually settling down to read it at 9pm last night, I was front to cover by 1:30 am. Now to encourage a personal goal of reading more, I plan to do little book reviewish things with this blog. So here we go.

Binge is an autobiography of Tyler and not only is he one of my favorite content creators that I personally watch on YouTube, he is now one of my favorite authors. His uncanny ability to just be “unapologetically himself” (a phrased used in the book), both onscreen and in print is something that I find rather inspiring. He is one of those people that provides perfect transparency as to who he is and this is something I admire greatly, especially with his recent rise to fame.

I was an early follower of his. I joined the Oakley club when he was only at 70,000 subscribers; now at over 7 million, I am proud to have seen his channel grow and his sparkle reach many others. The thing I am most proud of though, is he hasn’t let the fame go to his head. Yeah in his book he talks about the breakdowns he’s had and how he lost who he was there for a bit, but he also often refers to a support system of friends, family and most importantly, his mom, Queen Jackie.

The book goes through his life from the beginning to the present. Talking about his personal image struggles and eating disorder as a young child to his coming out to his heart breaks to his general ups and downs to his sexcapades, Oakley gives it all in 307 pages of  pure comedic genius and raw truth. The chapter that spoke to me the most was “the one that got away.” In this chapter, Oakley explains his first love and how even though it may have been a bit twisted, his ex-boyfriend left such an impact on his life and he doesn’t regret any of it. I had a similar experience so it was rather eye opening for me.

Each page of his book has you pining to know more and like the title, I binged on the whole thing. He carefully wove in life lessons in each chapter and if I got anything from his antics it would be:

  1. Be unapologetically yourself, those who don’t like it can get the fuck out
  2. Be humble and don’t be a dick
  3. Don’t close doors that you haven’t opened and don’t close doors that you have already opened. Basically try everything once and if opportunity arises, try it again.
  4. It’s ok to fuck up, you’ll live
  5. Quality over quantity, in every aspect of your life
  6. Never drive with Tyler, ever. But hey grab a drink with the guy.
  7. Every woman is a queen and should be treated as such
  8. “Binge on things that bring fulfillment and happiness and satisfaction and make you feel alive. Binge on people who fascinate you and love that wakes you up from monotony. Binge on exploring, both your hometown and the farthest continent. Binge on the time spent bettering yourself and petting dogs. Binge on picking your grandma’s brain and learning the story of the time she got catfished. Binge on giving, in all senses. Binge on Indulging.” – Tyler Oakley, Binge, pg. 1

I suggest that everyone read it. Everyone is going to get something different out of it, but I am sure that something profound may come to you. Over 7 million people didn’t choose to follow this guy just because he can pull off mint green hair. He truly is something special and one of a kind. So Binge on kids. I’ll catch you on the flipside.

PS. update on open-relationship dude. He texted me on Christmas so I guess I didn’t have to worry about if I should text him or not.


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