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Welcome to the new year. I feel like Ross from Friends:

But either way, I have decided to take some steps to not feel like a loser. I have started a 2016 goals/resolutions of sorts and I trying my best to make a plan so that I can act good on them.

Firstly, I plan to add a little fitness in my life. I know that is on everyone’s list but I want to stick to it through the month of January when most people start to fall off the bandwagon. I went to Zumba today with my God mom and I am starting off tomorrow morning with yoga. I love yoga and am quite excited to have it back in my life. I will be doing the Radiant Flow class and I am hoping that I end it feeling balanced and re-charged for the new year. (I just miss being a yogi tbh)

Secondly,  I am starting a 52 books challenge. As you may assume, I will be reading a book a week and writing a cheeky review of them on this blog. The rules that I have set for this ‘challenge’ are as follows:

  1. Books cannot be children’s books aka be a big girl and read a chapter book.
  2. Books required in a class don’t count.
  3. You can only re-read each book once, and it will be frowned upon.

Anyway I am excited for it and there will a book review on either Saturdays or Sundays, starting on the weekend of the 9th.

Finally, I am working towards a better future. I am going to try and learn how to budget because I have no problem dropping coin I don’t really have. I have already opened a retirement account, so I’m working on securing a financial future. Let’s just say that imma be loaded when im 65. I am am also trying to let go of things from my past that still haunt me and keep me from putting the pieces of myself back together. I am trying to put my libido on the back burner because as great as sex is, I am tired of meaningless one night stands and drunken STD scares. I am also trying to take the focus off finding someone to love and re-focusing that love on to myself, since I have come to the conclusion that I need to re-learn how to love myself before I can love someone else.

There are a lot of good things to come from this year if I just let them happen and work towards bettering myself and towards a future that I want to live.

Ps. Open relationship guy isn’t going to work out. He’s too adult for me and I feel this need to try when I am with him. It’s not an effortless connection, not that connections don’t require effort, but when I feel the need to share all my life experiences so I don’t feel like such a kid compared to him, it’s no bueno. Also I guess I was intellectually attracted to him, and not so much physically. Like I said I need to put my libido on the backburner for a while.



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