Radiant flow and canker sores

As an endeavor to a healthier me and a new focus on self awareness, I have to say that I truly missed being a yogi. Yoga was the cornerstone of fitness for me throughout high school and as I moved on into higher education, I sadly lost that part of myself.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of joining in Melissa Martinez-Chauvin’s Radiant Flow class at Midtown Community Yoga. First of all this studio exudes zen as soon as you walk in the door. From the natural lighting to the incredibly tall ceilings to the earth toned walls and hardwood floors, I automatically felt myself acclimating to a new sense of self.

I sat next to a man-bunned, red bearded, snow bum named Murphy. He was cool but I wasn’t so much focused on him as I was on the sweat pooling in the middle of back about halfway through the class. Melissa kept turning up the heat to allow maximum flexibility in our muscles, and well the hotter the room, plus constant movement = sweat for ya girl.

Either way the class was completely rejuvenating and I have never felt more intune with myself and my environment. I am sore today and I haven’t felt a better pain. The soreness of my muscles is a physical reminder that I did something positive for my body and my mind. It’s a honestly such a good feeling in the weirdest most encouraging way.

On the other hand, the universe has decided to bless me with a canker sore. You know those fucking mouth ‘ulcers’ that just sting and are annoying because eating becomes impossible? Yeah I have one and I am rather hot and bothered about it. I used to get them all the time in high school when I was stressed the fuck out. But my life isn’t too stressful right now so I don’t know why this sore decided that being in my environment was a good idea. I feel like I became so unwound and de-stressed from yoga, that maybe the pent up stress that I released in Radiant Flow just decided to present itself in my mouth. Either way its fucking annoying.

PS. I hate the word canker, like what does that even mean?— apparently it means “something that causes bad things to happen” or “plant necrosis” according to Merriam Webster. Gross.



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