Yang tze oolong

So I have turned a new leaf and I am starting to like tea. (lol no pun intended– turning a new leaf, tea is made of leaves, get it?? haha) For my close friends and family, they know that I usually hate tea. I had a dislike for it ever since I was little, this is probably because I would only have it when I was sick. Yay illness. Anyway I am at the ‘office’ and for the second time this week, I opted for tea, instead of my usual caramel latte or vanilla latte with almond milk. Today I ordered yang tze oolong white tea, and don’t even ask me how to pronounce that. It’s a sweet little tea with hints of pomegranate and a subtle sweetness that pairs well with some honey.

With this new development in my tastebuds, I can’t help but wonder where it came from? The new year? My rediscovered love of yoga? My want to better myself? I am not entirely sure, but I am glad it’s happening.

Reading into my new found liking of the drink, I think it shows me growing as a person and opening my mind to things I previously had closed my mind too. Like in Binge, when Tyler basically says that you should try everything twice, I think that I have taken that to heart and hopefully tea isn’t the only  aspect of my life where this seems to happen.

I also came to the office today with the intention of applying for my study abroad in Italy in Spring 2017. I was doing great on the application until it came to the passport thing. I don’t have my passport on me, so I do what any logical adult does and I text my mom asking her to send me a picture of it. But she does the mom thing. She says she “can’t find it” and I should come home. Which I know since i’ve moved out that she’s missed me and looks for any excuse for me to come home. And don’t get me wrong I love my mom and the rest of the fam, and I don’t mind going home. But I came to my office to focus and I know that as soon as I leave to go home to get my passport (and pizza, mom said there was pizza) one of 2 things are going to happen: 1) I am not going to continue my application and put it off again or 2) mom is going to get all into it and try and help me do it. Which I mean the latter isn’t the worst in the world, but my parents, mom in particular basically did my whole application for my last study abroad when I went to high school in New Zealand.

This time around I want to be the one to do it. To put in the effort of getting myself to Italy. To be the one that gets to be there at every step of the way. I gladly appreciate my mom’s willingness to help, and I will have points where I need it. But In part of this new self awareness I want to be more independent. I want to be more of a self-reliant person. I am the only person who I have for the entirety of my life, and I feel like I should use my abilities to my own advantage, instead of focusing them on others like I usually do.

Either way, my tea is gone, my tummy is growling, this post is almost over and I need my passport if I am going to do anything towards getting myself to Italy.

PS. I still have this fucking canker sore and I hate it.


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