My shitty immune system

I’m sick and it’s fucking irritating. I have this head cold that’s causing my nose to be all stuffed up and my head is so pressurized that I feel like it’s going to explore and I can feel a sore throat coming on. I am not here for this sore throat business btw. I think that nausea and sore throat are some of the worst physical feelings in the world– I mean I haven’t felt the trouble of kidney stones, childbirth or a gunshot– but for the everyday average joe, worst feelings ever.

I don’t even know how I got sick? I think it was my mum, but idk. I tried to be good and go for a run/hike yesterday, which was great, but it was a bit cold because that’s Reno for ya, but I dressed warm and somehow after that I started getting a runny nose and sneezing, all of which continued today. Alls I’m asking is why my body is revolting against me trying to do good by it. I don’t get it.

I was also sick right around Christmas– that one was more of a cough. And I was sick at least twice last fall. Saying as I have been sick 4-5 times since august 2015, I have determined that my immune system is shit. I mean I treat it well! I take vitamins and I eat decently healthy, I am starting to exercise more. Like what more can I do?? Can anyone help a sister out with this??

On the other hand, my whole 52 books challenge, not going to be a thing. Not that I am necessarily giving up, I definitely want to read more, but just not in this way. I am either a “read the whole book in 5 hours” or “take 10 months to get through one book ” kind of girl and so I am going to read at my own pace and get through books in whatever time it takes me. I have also decided to re-set my goal and do something more manageable: 20 books for the year.

I have also started the BooTea teatox. So far I haven’t noticed all the much, but I do feel less snacky, which is good because spring break is around the corner and I actually want to be able to wear a bikini this year. Woo weight loss. Anyway the tea tastes pretty ok and the night time one really does whole true to what it’s supposed to do– go and read up on that. Anyway I am doing the 28 day one and I hope I don’t plateau during the middle of it. Fingers crossed.

PS. Valentine’s day is coming up and well since I’m as single as they get, the only enjoyment I get out of this holiday are the little pun e-valentines like this:



2 thoughts on “My shitty immune system

  1. Poor you 😦 sorry to hear that you’re feeling crap! Have you tried Aloe Vera Gel? I’m usually prone to colds & not feeling well but since I started taking a shotful a day, I’ve noticed the difference! Everyone’s different though 🙂 when are you off on hols? Anywhere exciting?


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