School starts in a week and this wave of responsibility is slowly coming in and I guarantee that it is going to hit my like a tsunami real quick. God I hate adulting so much.

Between ordering books for the semester to catching up on so many emails I am drowning. First of all, buying books for class is bullshit. I am already paying the univesity up the fucking wazoo for my education (WHICH IS FUCKING WRONG BECAUSE EDUCATION IS PRICELESS AND THE FACT THE UNIVERSITIES PUT PRICE TAGS ON MY EDUCATION MAKES ME SUPER ENRAGED!) so why should I have to pay for books on top of that? Rude. I hate it. Just get like a class set and re-use them. Not only does it save money, but it saves trees since not as many books will have to be printed at the end of the day.

To the email things, I am the Vice President of Programming for Panhellenic Council. I didn’t exactly check my panhel email over break and I log in today with so many from the Greek Office. AND HALF OF THEM DON’T APPLY TO ME. I am on a listserve with all the panhellenic chapter presidents so when they get and email so do I. So there is like 8 emails with things they have to do, that I don’t but I’m sitting here at ‘the office’ all stressed about it because I am super confused on if I have to do these things from the emails or if I am just being put in the loop.  Either way it’s stressing me the fuck out.

As part of my panhel position I plan greek week. I start school next week and I do not have a meeting set up with IFC (frats) or MGC (multi-cultural greeks) programmers to get the ball rolling on this. I mean we have 2 months until this shit is supposed to happen. If you haven’t realized already, a for being a mess of a person I am highly organized and OCD at the same time. So not having this meeting is stressing me out. Lol school hasn’t even started and here I am already falling apart. Anyway this meeting needs to be a thing so that I can pull my shit together and plan accordingly for whatever responsibilities I have regarding greek week.

Either way between getting ready for school, my VP position, also the fact that I am about to send in my 2 weeks and will be jobless, plus applying for scholarships and my study abroad, trying to be fit and healthy, AND the fact that I am sick, just makes this whole adulting thing a struggle. I feel like the stress and responsibility is what made me sick in the first place– my mom thinks its the stuffy air in my apartment, but what does she know. Also I think I have a thyroid problem so there’s that.

Also thank you to the spike in my readership! It’s a little self confidence booster, knowing that people in the world like reading about my tornado of a life. Keep it coming– link my blog in your blogs or share me on social media or something (here’s me shamelessly self promoting). ❤

PS. I am IN LOVE with the song Took a Pill in Ibiza by Mike Posner. Everyone go listen to it.

PPS. Just got a text from my greek advisor that she is sending out a doodle pool for a greek week meeting. So yay! A little less stress for me:)


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