I find that I have a lot of things that I want to talk about. I mean not that I think you’re interested in what I have to say, but maybe one day when I am old and senile I’ll at least appreciated the time I spent behind a keyboard recording my life to complete strangers. Anyway a few things have happened that I think need addressing.

First, my skin is driving me insane. Its developing all these dry patches and although I slap insane amounts of moisturizer on it, nothing really seems to help. I thought about going to the derm, but it takes FOREVERRRR to get in so I’m saying fuck it and giving in.

Second, YouTube has come into my life again and I am liking it. And no, I am not by any means a youtuber. I thought about it, but then I remembered the cringe I get when I hear my own voice recorded, so I thought hmmm betta not. Anyway back in highschool, I used be super into all the “british youtubers”– you know Zoella, Alfie, Dan, Phil and such, and I loved them, this is also when they only had like 100,000 subscribers versus the millions they have today. I still watch their content sometimes,  but idk it just doesn’t speak to me much anymore.

Anyway over the winter holidays I really got into Cambria Joy’s channels as well as Aspyn + Parker’s vlogs. Cambria is truly a sweetheart and I live vicariously through her love life with the super sweet and mega attractive Bo. She also is really good about being healthy and spreading body positivity and she’s a really great inspiration. As for Aspyn and Parker, I found them a few days ago and I am honestly fascinated. They are a married couple from Utah and the thing that pulled me in that they got married when they were 19 and 20. And not that that is a bad thing, and Parker is Mormon, so I totally get it– I guess it’s just weird because I’m 19 and no where close to getting married. Like I haven’t been laid since halloween, let alone being proposed to. Anyway they are a super cute couple and just seeing them lead a completely different life at the same age is oddly inspiring?? idk its just different and I like it.

Third, I got a new roommate. Now just take a second here to google Alex Aiono (first his music is really good) but this new roommate, pretty much looks like Alex. And well ya girl is feeling it. First he’s my age, which is nice because my previous roommate is was like 27. Second, he’s cute af. Third, HE’S NORMAL, relatively speaking– I don’t know him that well yet. I realize that I have told y’all about my living situation and the weird roommates, I’ll drop that anecdote at some point in the near future, but compared to them the new roommate is normal and just praise the fucking lord on that one. Now I am totally dtf and he literally moved on 4 hours ago. Imma give it some time, do some harmless flirting and see where it leads. I mean sleeping with your roommate has some major ‘consequences’ to think about if it blows up in my face, but yolo. #PrayingforSex

Finally, although I have remained healthy and I eat really well and I exercise, I am still fucking sick and it’s so annoying. Like I am starting school on tuesday and my boy decides to revolt against me.WTF?? Hate it but what can I do besides remain healthy, get enough sleep and drown my complaints in NyQuil.

PS. Seriously ask your universe or God or science or whatever you believe in and ask them to get me laid. K thanks.


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