So I added that cheeky little post last night because I felt like I was neglecting my blog and that I needed to give the people something. I liked it because it truly is just my brain running through like a hamster on a wheel. Also listening to Mr. Brightside by the Killers rn and I am restraining my need to belt it on the top of my lungs (don’t want to scare the new hot roommate).

Anyway I keep getting distracted because i’m talking to my little sister. Which I like these moments because me and her don’t usually get along. We are just very different people. For example, we both want to save the planet and animals and such, but we attack the problem differently– I take the hippie, protest etc. route and she goes all super sciencey and analytically about it. But since I been moved out for about 2 years now, It’s a lot better between us. Now to I ever think we are going to be super BFF’s, no. But I do hope that we can get close to that one day.

On another note, I have started school and all I have to say is that I will be spending endless hours editing film, cringing at the sound of my own voice recorded, reading about contemporary issues surrounding the Feminist movement and crying in economics (I got a 1 on the AP exam in high school so this is bound to be a shit show #pray4myGPA). And even though these are negative aspects I am excited for it. I have been looking for some inspiration in school and I have found a little bit of it so I am trying to not let it go.

On a completely different note, I am thinking of becoming a vegetarian. This is going to be quite a lifestyle change for me since I grew up on a nicely seared steak and eating meat almost everyday. Having started my journey into a healthy lifestyle, I am really interested in the health benefits of a more plant based diet. Now I am planning on still having fish now and then and I know the vegans will come after me for the fish thing and neglecting the whole dairy side of things. But If there ares anything thing that I truly love in this world, it’s cheese and ranch and at this point I don’t want to be cutting everything at once. Slowly and surely those things will happen and maybe some day I will become full vegan, who knows.

Also I have seen some clips on factory farming and animal cruelty and I really do care about the animals and I don’t like how they are treated and if I can do my part and cut out at least a portion, then I am doing just that little bit of good. The animals don’t deserve it and if I can do a small something (that may turn into something bigger) then I am going to do that small something.

Ps. Be as You Are (Jordan XL Remix) by Mike Posner has been the vibes with week, along with Yiken by Priceless da Roc. Two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT genres, but like i’m diggin both so everyone who has something to say about it can shove off.


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