The struggle is real

Hi friends. It has literally been 12 years since I wrote anything, but life happens and so does the next episode on Netflix. Anyway I guess its time for a life update– I think I am just going to do this bullet point style because otherwise I’ll be here forever:

  1. Srat life is hard and there is so much drama going on and I want to quit sometimes and girls are bitches and I am just over all the petty shit. Basically my sorority is broken and cliquey and I am trying to be the rational one and figure out ways to fix it and it’s not going so well because apparently my opinion doesn’t matter.
  2. I getting a credit card and becoming an adult. EW.
  3. I’ve backtracked on the vegetarian thing and ams just starting with cutting out red meat and only eating chicken and fish occasionally. Gotta take it slow people
  4. Sorority had informal recruitment this week, so I didn’t go to the gym. Hating myself for it a bit tbh. Monday we’re goin hard.
  5. I’ve decided to go on a slut rampage because the sex tap has been dry for too long. But boys don’t talk to me so idk how this is going to work. Im guessing it will be a mix of alcohol and hoe shirts. You know, the shirts that make your tits look bomb af.
  6. I am going to San Diego for Spring break and we add stopping at Disneyland to out trip. Fuckin yes!
  7. I’m getting couples massages with my gay best friend for v-day and he’s paying so like score for me, especially since its the closest I am going to be to any dick for a while.
  8. I need a shower but I’m practically out of conditioner so like do I make do with what I got or do I go out like a hobo and get more?
  9. My job is coming to an end so I need a new job but like I don’t want a job in march because of Greek Week and Spranggg Breakkkkkk so like I’m fucked.
  10. I met Laci Green in person this week so that was cool.

Anyway that’s what’s going on for now. Imma try and get better at this!

PS. I got some new Victoria’s Secret things and I am still not getting laid so like what’s wrong with me?


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