So it’s going out time for those hooligan college kids. I myself am obviously not going out, mostly becuase my bff is out of town for the weekend, but also bc my fave frat is laying low after the party bust last weekend. I also just think it’s nice to stay in some weekends, especially since it’s all rainy out.

You may be wondering about the title and all I can say is look it up on soundcloud. You’re welcome. It’s the vibes of the moment rn. So like if you wanna know how I feel, check it.

Anyway besides the music and the rain setting the mood, I am also just chillin because I get to see Kris tomorrow at Radiant flow. Woo. I need a little yoga and my gay bff in my life. I also went thrift shopping today and just had a cheeky little reminder of my wanna be hipster self. I guess at this point I have gone from hippie to boho if that makes sense? I think boho is just more descriptive because I am still a basic bitch, just with a hipster flare.

In other news I am now jobless, so I am on the hunt for work. I honestly just need money so. But like no call backs on anything. FML. I am trying I swear. Hopefully I’ll get my job hunting ass together after yoga and hull myself up in the office and just job hunt for a couple hours. That will be good. And it will be rainy and holy moly I have a decent feeling about tomorrow.

Along with news, I am still single. SHOCKER. I mean I hooked up with someone, no sex, just BJ’s. but like when HE put the FWB label on us and I hit him up and offered brownies and blow jobs and the idea that I just got a brazillian and he said no, I knew it just wasn’t meant to be. Like how the fuck could you turn that down? snacks and orgasams. Like what???? maybe his dick’s broken. Idk.

BUTTTT there is another option on the table: So I hooked up with this guy back in like september? and he was my frat bigs bff from out of town and I honestly forgot the kid’s name either way the sex wasn’t bad and he’s a solid 6 sober so. Anyway he was at a party I was at last weekend and we ran away to the same house when it got busted. He asked for my snapchat while we were laying low and when he left back to his buddy’s he asked for a hug and now were like lowkey chatting over snapchat. I mean not in a sexual way but in a get to know you, become friends kind of way. And for some god forsaken reason I am starting to like him. He’s one of those people that you’re like “idk why I like you but I do and it’s driving me insane” kind of people. Anyway 2 things are happening 1.he’s moving up here for school so i’ll get to see him more. 2. the date I have lined up for formal may not be able to make it so like I am thinking of asking this kid to formal if my original date can’t go. We will see. Updates to come.

ON the other hand 2 things that fucked up my day. 1. I just found a fucking ant crawlin on my chest. WTF. 2. my fucking weird asian roommate at the audacity to switch my laundry today. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?? don’t fucking touch my clothes, don’t do that you whore. She almost single handedly ruined half my fucking wardrobe. Some shit can’t be dried bitch. Omg I wanted to cut her so bad. AND she stole the fucking rice cooker! like sre their grounds here for my to get her deported? Bc i will.

PS. let me know if I can deport this bitch.

PPS. let me know if anywhere is hiring in the Northern Nevada area.

PPPS. what should I do about this kid I am starting to like?




The Bitches

So right now I am vlogging and I wanted footage of me typing so that I can look like I am actually doing something, which is good I guess. Basically I am vlogging for my film class and the project it due tomorrow go me and yay procrastination. The good thing is that is post will be posted on the blog that no one reads so therefore I guess I am clean. BUT like all my social media comes up when you google me. I should probably private it all #futureemployers. But like this blog doesn’t come up so that’s good.

Anyway, you may be wondering why I am calling this post “the bitches” it is so because a lot of people in my life are being a bitch. Whether that’s a dumb ass bitch, a whiney bitch, and stuckup rude bitch or just a fucking bitch. It’s all a thing and I am just over it at this point. Also I should probably check this vlog footage bc I have a good feeling that my head is out of frame. YOLO bc I really don’t give a fuck anymore. I am over the bitches, I am over the classes I have to take and I just wanna be rich and do my life. Like is that so hard to ask??? I also just want to be 21 so I could order a glass of wine rn.

This post is a god damned train wreck and well I don’t care much at this point. I mean what were you guys expecting? A masterpiece after a 2 month hiatus? LOL I don’t think so. I am still single, and I am still going to keep bitching about my sad, but not so sad life. That is why this blog was made, for me to be my imperfect trainwreck of a self. I mean it’s not like many people are reading my bullshit anyway. Besides Kristopher, but he has to because he’s the only friend that knows about this blog and he’s a fellow blogger so.

Either way I spent $11 on coffee so far and only got done half of what I needed to do and my laptop is going to die, so I am going to go home and eat some snacks and then head to the library to work on my stupid film project. All I have to say is stills for life and fuck being the creator of a motion picture, I will gladly remain an audience member.

PS. If anyone has any ideas for my next film project hmu.

PPS. Is it ok to make a mock “Whine About It” video for my film class, I’m not 21 and I’ll be drunk and bitching in it? maybe? I think it will be funny but I’m not trying to get an MIC or in trouble with my prof, still need to pass the class. Comment your thoughts. If you don’t know what Whine About It is, google that shit and be blessed with some of the greatest videos on the internet.